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A UUCP Zone Map Entry

#N, cbosgd, clyde, ihnp4, ulysses, mtune
#C Mark R. Horton, Dave Presotto
#T 614-864-4358, 201-582-5213
#P Rm 1E-271, 6200 E. Broad, Columbus, OH 43213
#L 39 58 54 N / 82 50 15 W
#R registered
#R also on CSNET
#U cbosgd
#W 6/3/87 MRH from cbosgd!mark
cbosgd cbosgd cbosgd,, cbosgd= cbosgd apr(HOURLY), amdahl(HOURLY), blair(DAILY), crash(HOURLY), crdnl(HOURLY), cwruecmp(HOURLY), decuac(HOURLY), decvax(HOURLY), decwrl(HOURLY), edstb(HOURLY), hplabs(HOURLY), ico(HOURLY), jett(HOURLY), meccts(HOURLY), mirror(HOURLY), ncr-sd(HOURLY), neoucom(HOURLY), okstate(HOURLY), osu-eddie(HOURLY), osupyr(HOURLY), oucs(HOURLY), philabs(HOURLY), psuvax1(HOURLY), rutgers(HOURLY), sdcsvax(HOURLY), seismo(HOURLY), stargate(HOURLY), starbase(HOURLY), sun(HOURLY), talcott(HOURLY), tektronix(HOURLY), ucbvax(HOURLY), ukma(DAILY), ulysses(HOURLY+HIGH), usenix(HOURLY), utgpu(HOURLY), vortex(DAILY), uvacs(HOURLY), wright(HOURLY), xanth(HOURLY)



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