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A UUCP E-mail Message

This message from 1988 used the UUCP Project cleaned-up format of RFC 976. Even so, the envelope declared that the sender was “starcube!tgt” in a cryptic sequence of From and >From lines.


From uucp Sat Apr 16 22:40 EST 1988
>From tgt  Sat Apr 16 22:40:30 1988 remote from starcube
Received: by stargate.COM (smail2.5)
       id AA24620; 16 Apr 88 22:40:30 EST (Sat)
Received: by (smail2.5)
       id AA01898; 16 Apr 88 23:38:06 EDT (Sat)
Subject: Systems entries for stargate
Message-Id: <>
Date: 16 Apr 88 23:38:06 EDT (Sat)
From: (Admin)
Status: R

   The following two entries seem to work the best for connecting to stargate
at both 2400 and 1200. I've tested both of them, and they work fine.

   I have yet to play with the Telebit. I'll probably do so either Sunday
afternoon or during the week.



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